So, we’ve been rattling around behind the scenes for a while now, but it’s now officially out in the world – Eve Penford-Dennis & I are working on putting Freeplay on for 2009. We’re both very excited about the possibilities of the event and in continuing to support the gaming community.

Check out the announcement and our website.

Emerging Writers’ Festival

Now that the program has been officially launched, I think it’s safe to tell the world that I’m going to be speaking at the Emerging Writers’ Festival next month.  I’m doing a panel session talking about what happens when you’re the writer on a much larger project and then a From Here to There session talking about the process of writing for games and how I got my start in it.

Both sessions are on Sunday 31st May at the Melbourne Town Hall

1:45 in the Yarra Room – I Can Say Yes Now But In The End It Will Be No

3:00 in the Melbourne Room – From Here to There